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still kickin’ [28 Apr 2012|02:32am]
[ mood | damn straight ]

livejournal is too good to be deserted. i will stick around.

how’s that for a ten year anniversary (first entry on february 14, 2002—of all days, haha)? :)

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same ol’ shit … [27 Dec 2010|11:04am]
[ mood | blah ]

i hate one-night stands/casual relationships.

if i learned from previous mistakes, it would be great … but alas, i specialize in hooking up with those who have a very practical and schedule-based outlook on the matter … back to square one.


on a more positive note, i spend nine hours on the bike yesterday and drove roughly 70 kilometers—i am probably the only guy in the tokyo area who goes everywhere by bicycle. word.

i našao sam napokon katoličku crkvu, haha – baš na vrijeme za upaliti svijeće za babu stanu i babu filu. :)

add-on: and this shit gets to me every time.

fuck. japanese women are bad for my health.

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football, motherfucker! [30 Sep 2009|06:47am]
[ mood | sporty ]

this looks definitely like a movie that i’d love to watch—the lads from lagos have done it again … another piece of nollywood magic!

starring victor osuagwu and probably some other guys. wonderful performance by the dude in the uniform, realer than real!

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dobro jutro [29 May 2009|07:15am]
[ mood | early ]

this will be a beautiful day, i can feel the vibes. with the right song, energy abounds: time to rise and shine. thanks for the recommendation, flannery!

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god is great [24 Feb 2009|04:05pm]
[ mood | possessed ]

the spirit of the holy ghost. pure genius.

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you’re a star [28 Dec 2008|02:29pm]
[ mood | jamaican ]

being a record collector and music nerd, every now and then i bump into releases and artists that kick my jadedness in the ass. gosh, am i grateful for that.

take boris gardiner, for instance: one-time band member of the upsetters, dub legend lee scratch perry’s backing band, he had a few hits with songs that mainly ran in the lovers rock vein, most notably »i wanna wake up with you,« nothing overly special … or so you’d think!

but then i found a song he recorded for a late 1960s/early 1970s soundtrack that blew me away and put all those so-called self-proclaimed hardcore hip-hop »niggaz« to shame. listen. backing vocals provided by the i-threes, of which rita marley, bob marley’s widow, was a member (this particular song was also their recording debut).

the awesomness. i still can’t believe this is serious.

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the more, the merrier [24 Dec 2008|12:35am]
[ mood | groovy ]

i would like to take the opportunity to wish those of you who celebrate a merry christmas and everybody on my list all the best for 2009. some of you are neither on my facebook or myspace list, so there.

here is a song for you to boot. ;)


click »skip this ad« in the top right corner and then »download now« … that would be all (and listen to it, naturally).

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ti si mi u mislima [08 Sep 2008|05:14am]
[ mood | blah ]

i never thought that news of a celebrity’s passing would get to me on a personal level. whenever a musician or otherwise creative individual died, i would tip my hat in appreciation for their work that either intrigued me, inspired me or just made me feel good and think to myself »what a shame.«

this time around, however, it was different—utterly. dino dvornik, croat far-out musician and overall eccentric, died this sunday in his sleep at the age of 44, presumably from a medication overdose that was supposed to aid him in recovering from his heroine addiction.

when i read the news on a croat online portal, i felt sick for a while—not unlike the morning when my sister called to tell me our mother had passed, albeit much weaker, since he and i are not related in any way.

dino was one of a kind: he was the very first to play funk and soul music in the former yugoslavia and i was in my teens when i first heard his debut album in 1989, three years after »word up!« would forever change the way i listened to music. his songs too were critical for my musical formation, and there i had croatian funk tracks, which was a flash of joy only adolescents can truly savour before they »grow up« and give in to jadedness and experience.

dino’s idol was james brown, and in many ways, they both shared a lot of the problems and obstacles in their lives, be it drug addiction, a phase of lacking inspiration and mediocre releases et al.

both, however, were also groundbreaking in their own right: to sell more than 750,000 units of a debut album that music wise sounded like nothing before it on a market that wasn’t conditioned the same way western markets were, speaks for itself. an entire generation—my generation—was hooked on his shit. in the early 1990s he experimented with electronic music and some of it was hit-and-miss, but you could always tell it was dino, thanks to his idosyncratic approach.

highly respected among the younger colleagues he was, for they knew how much they owed him for paving the way.

i always enjoyed covering his songs with my band mates the most, because i naturally felt the vibes in his music.

his father boris dvornik (who died from a heart attack this march) was an immensely popular and successful actor; he is widely regarded as one of croatia’s and yugoslavia’s finest actors. dino managed to make a name for himself regardless and in this one day that he is no longer with us but on a different plane, i was to a degree surprised to find out how many people feel the same way as i do … i had believed that i was among the few left who still thought that he is top-notch, if for his historic contribution only. if there is one positive thing about his death, then i would have to say i’m glad that i learned how wrong i was.

only recently did he join myspace and i had looked for him there before he did—i checked today and his page was finally there, but too late for me to hook up with him directly. an album that was in the works called »pandora’s box« is due for release in a month or two.

to paraphrase an introduction for james brown—whom he managed to meet shortly before brown’s death, as he proudly wrote on his myspace page, including a picture of the two of them—by one of his show mc’s: among his tracks are tunes that will never die.

i could go on writing about his reality show with his family that relaunched a comeback of sorts (he was never gone, actually), how his wife danijela who stuck with him through thick and thin won the croat edition of celebrity big brother, or how immensely popular he still is with the crowd in serbia, bosnia-herzegovina, macedonia, slovenia and croatia to this day. he was very accessible and boy am i glad that i saw him live … whenever he was down, he bounced back harder and came back better than before; he was a first in many things: he was the first croat artist who received video rotation on mtv; the first reality-show celeb who exposed himself to the people without fear of ridicule or image issues; the first funkmeister in the former yugoslavia. and he was from split, dalmatia, where the coolest cats are from.

the longest post i have added in years …

one of his biggest songs sums it up beautifully: ti si mi u mislima (you’re in my thoughts).

hit it.

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tough guy! [11 Aug 2008|06:42pm]
[ mood | tough ]

and so it goes—one of the baddest muthas in music has stepped off the stage. 65 ain’t no age, really. i had dusted off a few of his albums recently; can’t be a coincidence.

the isaac was all that—can you dig it? if not, suck on his chocolate salty balls, punks!

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creativity … et bla bla bla [27 Apr 2008|05:09am]
[ mood | homegrown ]

here is a piece of work i contributed to a saatchi & saatchi project in 2007 that unfortunately folded before it really happened: a new german. not to mention that they ripped me off of 10 % of my fee. but i am both proud of the photography and the essay (i.e. my work), which happens seldom enough.

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hair! [26 Apr 2008|04:54am]
[ mood | short & sharp ]

it happened yesterday—i bid farewell to my hair and dialed the rudeboy number (9mm) again! i look at least ten years younger now … :D

next up is bleaching (in a few months), and some beard experiments, too. wuk dat!

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jugendsünden [08 Feb 2008|07:57am]
[ mood | retrospective ]

wow. this time they really got my ass—data mining at its finest, bwoi. in a short fit of insanity, i decided to google myself … and it turns out that all my wack shit from my early 20s is archived thanks to google’s evil mean machine.

in the 1990s, the web thrived much more on news groups and gopher search services than it does today (i doubt that it thrives or depends much on any of the two in terms of communication means anymore, anyway). i used to be quite prolific and checked out a few of these groups (… drum roll … fond memories of downloading porn images suddenly pop up … porn is the reason for technological progress, i tell you! what an epiphany … out of the blue [movie, that is]). the following post is both charming and embarrassing to me, as i had totally (like, totally, dude) forgotten about these things: i was 21 at the time! but the web never forgets—let this be a warning to you.

hi … i look for georgeous chicks to talk … well, not neccessarily sense, but fun and whatever comes to mind :)


i decided to »mailbomb« this newsgroup, since i didn’t get a single reply in my 1st posting—however: i am a pretty good-looking young male student, and i have checked out those weird-o sex-conferences on the irc—i would like to know if it is possible to talk about (cyber)sex and erotica without inevitably becoming obscene, but still having fun, since i am a weird-o to a certain degree as well … so if you are attractive—whichever way u understand that—mentally or physically, enter the center of slippery areas where keeping balance is not easy, but therefore much more intriguing … and i am quite innovative in that concern, i think—hope u are, too :))


p.s.: no follow ups, plz - mail me at ****
p.p.s.: and no flaming, either—if u consider me a sick bastard, just ignore me and keep your blood-pressure low :P

jesus … the shit young people write (and think) … sounds totally alien to me when i read it now.

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web 1.0 [12 Jan 2008|04:13pm]
[ mood | retro ]

aol has announced a while ago that they will cease development and product support for netscape, formerly the web’s premier browser application with a share of nearly 90% in the early and mid-1990s (those were the days!).

while there is a superb alternative in firefox, it’s still sad to see something go that was part of my early online formation, something of which most of the young’uns have no idea. drop a train on ’em, n. boogie.

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fake to the game [03 Dec 2007|08:35pm]
[ mood | funky ]

man, to find out that a former hip-hop hero of mine is whoring out to microsoft (and he isn’t even whoring out in a good way) only adds to the jadedness: ice cube’s ass spread for the cash penis.

»[s]he said that day ›no, i wasn’t whorin’—your ass is mine‹ … that’s when the sweat started pourin’«

on another note, i met a girl two nights back who recognized cameo on my tee: she said they are the funkiest and their song »word up!« is the dopest. think i’m in love. :)

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love me tender [08 Jun 2007|12:28pm]
[ mood | rough ]

rugby is such a tender sport. love the image (fiji vs. south africa).

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alte schule [22 Mar 2007|08:10pm]
[ mood | mechanical ]

this has got to be the best do-it-yourself project i have seen in years (includes a tutorial):

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take me to the bridge [20 Mar 2007|06:24pm]
[ mood | vibrant ]

one of the prettiest bridges i have seen in a while … somewhere in japan, of course.

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turpor [21 Feb 2007|04:14am]
[ mood | formatted ]

my hard disk crashed four weeks ago and all my data went boom bye-bye … sha-la-la-lalala-la-laaaa, hahahahaha.

oddly enough, i don’t really care—except for one thing: my logo is audi, which means i will have to do a lot of converting and retouching to get another vector image that will be useable. doh.

my record database which i had almost finished i need to start from the ground up again, but that opportunity will come in handy, anyway. messaging contacts and all that other virtual shit is gone too.

a clean sheet for the new (chinese) year doesn’t sound so bad. goodie goodie. it’s time to get rid of excess baggage.

i am lame beyond belief: same shit, different day. while back then i got the laptop to work once more, this time it’s a definite farewell. i can’t believe i wrote »excess baggage« again! fucking poor vocabulary.

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gwar [30 Dec 2006|11:23pm]
[ mood | neo-conservative ]

one down.

one to go (the chair would be a fancy execution).

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soul brother number one [25 Dec 2006|04:05pm]
[ mood | black & proud ]

are you ready for some super dynamite soul?!
among these tunes are tracks that will never die.
give it up for jaaaaaaaaaames broooooooooown!!!!!!!!!!
it’s a mother.

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